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Buzzwords and flashy promotions abound in the blockchain space, and the industry is ripe with over-arched statements. Our track record of live projects and happy customers are here to assure you that our focus remains on delivering bespoke and hassle-free solutions rather than making empty promises. We’re ready to evaluate your project, design and build a bespoke suited to your needs and operate it 24/7.


First small scale mining farm in Saxon (Bike storage) by Christophe Lillo and Ludovic Thomas


Infrastructure growth
Relocation to Gondo
Incorporation of Alpine Mining


Data Center setup (Sweden)
Partnership with Diginex
Team expansion & Restructuration of Alpine Tech Group


Ariston Timepieces «Bitcoin Edition»
New identity
Blockchain projects

As the leading crypto mining operation in Switzerland, we have been around the corner since the early days of Bitcoin. We have built from scratch a middle-sized mining facility located deep in the Swiss alps, powered entirely by clean hydroelectric power, as well as a large scaled Data Center in Sweden. This helped us gain international recognition as becoming a trusted and reliable team to plan, build and operate.

Building a large-scale mining operation is no mean feat. Our team has gained an unparalleled expertise and understanding of the best practices in secure computing, from physical facilities monitored 24/7 to securing every service we built – we know how to build secure and reliable infrastructure. Located in Switzerland, renowned for its stable political and crypto-friendly laws, we’re the ideal partner for any projects with stringent security requirements.


Working with us means tapping the best experts graduated from leading universities that learned their craft not only in classes, but on actual real-world projects that intersect the latest innovations in high-performance computing and the newest trends and solutions in the Blockchain and security industry. Our location close to top global engineering schools such as EPFL and ETH Zurich makes it easy to recruit the best talent to join us.

November 20, 2018

Ariston Timepieces

Ariston Timepieces: the best of cryptos and watchmaking
Rebellion Timepieces offers luxury timepieces in limited editions. Rebellion never compromises on materials, design and engineering to deliver unique and sophisticated watches. Alpine Tech, formerly Alpine Mining, is the uncontested leader in Switzerland in cryptocurrency mining. The Blockchain technology, made famous by the Bitcoin, allows the exchange and storage of digital information and values in a secure, decentralized and intermediary-free manner.

Meet our team members

We have grown with the simple rule of hiring the best specialists to enhance our results and your satisfactions. Never compromising on our promises, we can now propose a wide range of specialties and competences managed by passionate human beings.