Our know-how

Having built and operated a large-scale mining operation from scratch we have learned many things along the way (including how to manufacture some of our equipment). The experience gained along the way, provides us a unique perspective spanning data centers operations, blockchain implementation, and secure computing that few companies can offer. By combining the latest innovation in hardware along with a battle-hardened set of homemade services to monitor and operate blockchain infrastructures – we’re positioned as the ideal partner you can rely on to deliver any blockchain project, especially those where every processing cycle counts! From deploying and operating enterprise blockchains, to operate AI-powered trading bots, to simply storing securely private keys or processing highly sensitive data in the most secure way – we’re ready to help you succeed!

We have operated most ASIC, GPU and FPGA miners available on the market – so we know a thing or two about them. Whether you want to mine the latest promising privacy-preserving coin, create 3D models of various molecules that could cure cancer, or train your robot to fix a delicate Swiss watch movement – we got plenty of computing power to help you succeed.

Whether in your own environment or our very own mine located deep in the Swiss alps, we’ll help you identify and source the ideal equipment for your project, set it up and maintain it entirely, so you don’t have to. No more worries about things breaking down and losing precious compute cycles – our engineers are always on top of it.

Over the years, we had to build an efficient monitoring solution that tracks the state of each component in our datacenters – from fans, to CPUs and power/network lines. As soon as soon as the smallest anomaly is detected – our support team will be already fixing it before you even know it.

Current projects



Ariston watches are not only state of the art Swiss manufactured watches, they also are an innovative crypto-currencies wallet to be worn at your wrist.