Alpine Intuition

Alpine Intuition was created to gather highly skilled engineers and EPFL PHD students around your next AI and machine learning project. We aim to conceive and develop state of the art products and applications to match your company’s ambitions.


We know from our experience, that the greatest value is created together with our clients. Hence, we are glad to offer our AI and machine learning expertise and know-how to public and private corporations.

We believe our people skills and knowledge are our strongest assets. This is the reason why we constantly invest in education and learning. We proudly ensure up to date advices in Machine learning, deep learning and AI, to work together with you at every stage of your project. We would be delighted to present you our consulting services in a dedicated interview:

  • Advices and requirement analyze
  • AI strategic and technical support to match your products, application and process
  • HR and hiring consulting
  • Review and improvement advices on your existing AI products

As well as development and design services:

  • Analyze, concept and deployment of machine learning Apps and AI models
  • Production pipeline for your webAPI, smartphone
  • Integration of AI models in your environment and your usual tools
  • Optimization and maintenance of your existing applications and models
  • Design and creation of data acquisition tools
  • Architecture design, pipeline analyze and data setup

Our workflow

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