Alpine Solution

Located in Ecublens, Alpine Solution is an Alpine Tech group company that provides technical expertise to companies wishing to develop a blockchain solution.

Our approach

Your company wishes to develop a blockchain or smart contract project. Our team of engineers will support you in the technical implementation of your enterprise solution.

With our technical expertise on blockchain technologies Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda R3, Quorum and Stellar, we bring our skills to the following phases:


  • Implementation and development of your blockchain & Smart Contract solution
  • Technical support in choosing the appropriate blockchain technology
  • Architecture design, endpoint configuration and blockchain networks
  • Integration of the blockchain and Distributed Ledger into your IT environment
  • Needs analysis
    • Workshop to analyse the project
    • Identify the blockchain governance mechanism
    • Design of the template
  • Development in agile mode
    • Choice of blockchain technology
    • Design of technical architecture
    • Solution development
  • Deployment & DevOps
    • Continuous integration & deployment (CI & CD)
    • Deployment in production
    • Integration into an existing IT environment


Our workflow

Data Centre operated for securing the Ethereum blockchain.

As part of the installation of a data centre in Sweden, Alpine Tech provided its expertise in the implementation and commissioning of the network and infrastructure, which is equipped with 5,000 servers and 40,000 GPUs for the benefit of the validation of Ethereum network transactions.

Connected Bottle (Smart)

Alpine Tech supports the company DropPlus in the development of a smart bottle (IoT) communicating with the blockchain. This bottle measures the amount of water consumed and sends notifications to the user’s smartphone.

Watch with a Crypto Wallet.

Alpine Solution collaborated with the watch company Rebellion Timepieces in creating the Bitcoin Edition watch. The solution developed consists of a highly secure watch accessory, containing a QR Code encrypting the user’s private key.

Escrow and aviation maintenance system

Aeroprop is a leading company in the purchase and sale of private aircraft[A4] . Alpine Solution has advised and analysed the integration of an enterprise blockchain solution allowing sellers and buyers to complete a transaction without any additional third parties, using a “smart-contract” tool allowing to save the transaction history in a tamper-proof way.

Our technology stack

Secure Blockchain Hosting

Whether you simply want to run a masternode for your favorite project or host entire private blockchains, our tools will enable you to easily deploy, operate, and scale blockchain clients in the most efficient and secure way in our data centers. We have intimate knowledge of numerous Blockchains and will happily use it to power your own public/private blockchain infrastructures.

Setup and Administration of Mining Pools

We have used our equipment to mine a variety of coins and tokens, which required designing very secure multi-signature wallets and smart contracts to store, coordinate, and distribute safely tokens to pool participants. Not only do we rely heavily on hardware wallets and secure key storage solutions from our partners to store all sensitive data, but we also developed a whole software layer to make it both convenient and safe to operate and manage large amounts of tokens.

Custom Blockchain Implementation

We’ve done it for ourselves, and we’ll be happy to do it for you. We have developed a wide variety of skills across the entire lifecycle of blockchain projects – from design and architecture, to implementation, to testing, to maintenance and support. Our architects and engineers will happily assist you in shaping and building any project revolving around distributed ledgers and processing.

Current projects



Ariston watches are not only state of the art Swiss manufactured watches, they also are an innovative crypto-currencies wallet to be worn at your wrist.