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Alpine Tech wächst ständig. Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach Profilen, um unser Expertenteam zu verstärken.

Frédéric Juillard

CEO & CO-founder
[email protected]

Frédéric has been sharing his entrepreneurial knowledge with AlpineTech since 2016, after launching his own CleanTech company.

Initially a life sciences engineer, Frédéric’s ingenious and tenacious ways allow him to find efficient solutions to hardware and installation challenges. His strong sense of priority is an asset to providing reliable service to AlpineTech’s clients and partners.

Frédéric works hand in hand with Ludovic to create a vision for the company, looking to expand AlpineTech’s influence across borders and disciplines.

Ludovic Thomas

Business Dev & CO-founder
[email protected]

Ludovic always sensed he was meant to be an entrepreneur. His confident and proactive nature led him from smaller projects during his studies in Ireland to AlpineTech’s most sizeable successes.

Jumping from calls with partners in Asia and the US to on-field support in Valais or Sweden, Ludovic ensures a global vision of AlpineTech’s activity. Flexible, present and conciliatory, he is able to anticipate difficulties and cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset at every level of the venture.

His vision and motivation contribute to nurturing the ambition and the skills of the people working at AlpineTech. Aware of opportunities, Ludovic is determined to seize momentum in order to achieve new highs in innovation and service quality.

Christophe Lillo

CTO & CO-founder
[email protected]

Christophe is the mining expert at AlpineTech. Synergy means performance for this Linux adept, whose free and autonomous mind contributes to the continuous improvement of the mining process.

Elegant in his approach to optimization, his astuteness brought the venture in front of international partners, who recognized the system’s ingenuity.

Quick on his feet, Christophe enjoys the agile environment a start-up creates for development, seizing opportunities where they arise. His creativity participated in making AlpineTech grow from a community to a company.

Theo Martinet

Manager & CO-founder
[email protected]

Théo joined AlpineTech early 2018 and is the expert when it comes to on-field problem solving.

Théo handles knowledge transmission and secures processes supporting the venture’s scaling. He naturally stepped up as a team leader on AlpineTech’s most sizeable data center project located in Sweden, in charge of maintenance and hardware management.

Curious and constantly looking for improvement, he aims at lifelong learning.  His conscientious nature and calm strength balance the fast pace AlpineTech is growing at.

Patrick Widmer

Operation Officer & CO-founder
[email protected]

Patrick joined AlpineTech early 2018, extremly polyvalent at the base he is a Mediamatician specialized in webdesign and bash scripting, he can easily implement unconventional operations during the production or development phases as member of the management team.

Market analysis, research, verification, conception, speculation, administration, validation, web mastering and designing. Duties include conducting short and advanced market studies operations and collecting market information; recruiting, training, and equipping employees; conducting investigations and analysis on competitors; locating, identifying and disposing of orders; and operating and maintaining sophisticated IT equipment and systems.

Patrick was graduated from Technical School in Le Locle and have 15 years of professional experience as a graphic designer. Passionate about work, he had the chance to work in different agencies in which he was able to face the various challenges of the profession.

He naturally stepped up as a co-team leader with Théo on AlpineTech’s most sizeable data center project located in Sweden, in charge of maintenance and hardware management.

Bertrand Deldon

Marketing & Communication
[email protected]

Bertrand joined the AlpineTech endeavor as a Business and Marketing Developer at the beginning of 2018, when the company was still in its early days.

Utterly international, Bertrand, originally from France, moved to Switzerland from Dublin where he was working in a similar role for a French Company. Who would have thought that swapping the Irish city lights for the Swiss mountains would be all that more exciting?

Unafraid of fast-paced environments common to new ventures, Bertrand supports AlpineTech’s and works hand in hand with the rest of the team on the development of AlpineTech’s most sizeable projects, smoothing processes and systems key to organizational efficiency.

Associated with the team’s technical expertise, Bertrand’s dynamic and agile disposition proves effective in pursuing new opportunities in a field where business can move faster than foreseen.

Charles Azanlekor

Lead Project Manager Blockchain
[email protected]

Charles joined AlpineSolution in April 2019 and is in charge of consulting and project management.

Charles’ past experience in IT consulting enables him to sharply oversee and operate resources for the multiple projects that he tailors to client needs.

The discovery of new technological solutions and their implementation drives him; as an easily adaptable profile, he seeks and strives in new venture environments.

Tilman Schneider

Cloud & Blockchain solution architect
[email protected]

Tilman joined AlpineSolution early 2019, to strengthen the software development team.

Curious and independent, he left Germany for Switzerland on his own as a teen. His adventurous and alert mind allow him to pick up skills quickly, and great resistance to frustration makes him perfectly suited for new venture environment. With a wide variety of interests, his mind works well in teams, capitalizing on mixing skills and points of views.

Me Julien Chappuis

Legal Advisor
[email protected]

Julien cleverly navigates the legal uncharted territory related to AlpineTech’s business since the company’s early activity.

His experience with this endeavor truly sets him apart from more traditional commercial lawyers, an area in which he also developed his expertise. With an extensive experience in international commerce, he also helps with negotiation supporting important decisions.

Julien is dedicated and rigorous, an asset to ensuring partnerships are established in a transparent way in a rapidly growing business.