High-Performance Computing

Thanks to our large GPU park we can fulfil your need computation power

Blockchain Solutions

We have been mining most major crypto-currencies since 2016 and built a variety of tools to store and move large quantities of tokens safely


100% of our energy comes from sustainable sources, essentially hydroelectric. Besides, being in the center of a mountain, the cold and constant temperature helps cut down the energy required for cooling our machines

Enterprise-Grade Security

with over 30 years of cumulated hands-on engineering experience, our experts have all the skills required to solve your most demanding projects

AI / Machine Learning

We offer a machine-learning-as-a-service ready to handle any complex – and massive – datasets and algorithms you’ll throw at them

Our story started in Gondo, a small mountain village in the Swiss alps next to the Italian border where the mining industry was flourishing a few decades ago. In 2016, we decided to bring back to life the mining industry in this region, however for a completely new – and arguably much more valuable – resource: computing power and crypto-currencies.

As one of the earliest and largest crypto mining company in Switzerland, Alpine Tech has been a pioneer at the forefront of the Blockchain revolution. We have gained substantial hands-on experience about all the nitty-gritty details involved in building, scaling and operating reliable and secure solutions for a variety of blockchain projects. Thanks to this unique expertise, our infrastructures, and proprietary tools and services we have groomed over the years – we are your ideal partner for cracking any complex enterprise Blockchain or secure data processing on your roadmap

Our culture is deeply rooted in the Swiss traditions of quality, impeccable service, and utmost discretion, and this translates you can finally sleep soundly again. Your data will be safe with us!

Please call us now Alpine Tech

So long Alpine Mining! We have refreshed our identity and set a new organisation model, meant to be in motion and organically evolving, to respond to our client and partners needs in farm building, computing power as a service, software, consulting services and your future blockchain based projects.

Moving forward

From our original remote and confined location in the Alps, we now want to deploy our expertise to the world.

Having built a state of the art farm in one of the toughest yet ideal location on the planet, we are ready to propose our services and workforce worldwide, with a broad and proven experience in computing power and services.

Want to know how we can turn your next blockchain project into a success?

Looking for dedicated hardware set-up or a Data Center shaped to your needs? Contact us to arrange a short and free consultation.

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